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Birthdate:Aug 5
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
There's not really all that much to tell... I have a Masters degree in Critical Theory, eight cats, one dog, am addicted to books, stationery and crosswords and sometimes I think I may have a ghost. Plus, I'm short.

I am the world's greatest procrastinator. I am a writer who doesn't write very often, a photographer who needs to get her camera out more and the maintainer of a sadly-neglected TV community, [info]canttalktv. One day though, I shall find my mojo. Honest!

Some of you may know me from various forums; I'm 'evie'.

Layout by [info]tomorrow_brings, with a bit of tweaking by me.

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absolutely, adrian edmondson, angela carter, angelos epithemiou, animals, anime, arrested development, autumn, badgers, barbara nice, batman, battle of the planets, battlestar galactica, beer festivals, big bang theory, bonfire night, books, bsg, buffy the vampire slayer, carnivale, cartoons, castles, cats, catwoman, charles dickens, charlie brooker, cheek by jowl, chris morris, christopher lee, chuck, cinema, classic doctor who, comedy, comics, count arthur strong, curb your enthusiasm, dad's army, david tennant, doctor who, dollhouse, family guy, films, fiona apple, firefly, fireworks, flight of the conchords, forests, fringe, fugazi, futurama, gael garcia bernal, gavin and stacey, germany, ghost stories, ghosts, heroes, his dark materials, huntress, ideal, interpol, ioan gruffudd, isihac, jack daniels, jake gyllenhaal, james badge dale, jj feild, joe armstrong, john frusciante, john krasinski, john shuttleworth, johnny vegas, king of queens, kneehigh theatre company, legends, llandudno, lost, mark strickson, merlin, monkeys, music, mythology, night watch, nightwing, noel fielding, north wales, peep show, peter davison, photography, porridge, qi, radio 4, rain, reading, reeves and mortimer, rik mayall, robin hood, robin of sherwood, ronnie barker, russia, sci-fi, seinfeld, serenity, sergei lukyanenko, sherlock, sherlock holmes, simon pegg, sitcoms, snow, solitude, spaced, stationery, stephen fry, swimming, tahmoh penikett, tea, the archers, the comic strip, the good life, the it crowd, the league of gentlemen, the mighty boosh, the monkees, the office u.s., the pillowman, the pixies, the seaside, the shins, the smiths, theatre, thomas hardy, tom baker, trees, turlough, vegetarianism, vislor turlough, wales, walking, walter benjamin, winter, woods, writing
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